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   I work from life. My current and past artwork has no reference beyond the recorded history of thought which evolves in my own work. In the past I have worked extensively a plein air as well as with studio models, referencing still-lifes, locations and visual effects of light and shade in formal study. But this art has passed. There are only references to thought produced models of various landscapes, portraits or compositions. Why is this that an artist changes in his work! No pictures? No Photographs....and little but the candid model of thoughts that guide his work through abstract realms.

Yes, I can produce vivid colorations of 17th-19th and 20th Century representations through my work. But art is not about copying or emulating history! I did study Chardin, Rembrandt and Goya for patterns of light-shade-shadow as well as marking vocabulary. I studied Delacroix and the Impressionists also. During this study I was in contact with other artist who one may know or not, students of Vuilliard, Nabis, and the Expressionist masters. Its all about the evolution of painting, the impressions lifted into the canvas, and the expression that the artist gives his work...not pictures.

"Oh pictures sell, one artist said. Do what your audience likes.."

Once given such an interesting commentary on some vivid abstracts, in dark colors, as per my personal work of that time.  I turned and grabbed a photo from a pile of my own photos. I was living in Europe at the time. The suggestion was given by an tourist. He hung around for a time. "Here..." I exclaimed, before my  would be patron, "Do you like this scene?" He seemed joyously welcome at seeing a photograph I did in Venice of the canal. "Now that's what sells!..." he exclaimed, "Make a painting of that and people will buy it!" I did turn a little cool, grabbed my French Easel and poured the paints onto the palette. "You say you will buy this...the photo or the painting that you want me to paint?" I laughed a bit. Grabbed a small canvas and in less that 30 minutes replicated the scene in the photo. "Now that's amazing!" my would be, patron exclaimed. "The painting costs- 300.00..." I appropriated, looking over the French easel. "Well how much is the photograph?" he exclaimed... "Not for sale at any price!" I added--"1,200 Euros to travel there, and you take your own photo and return.." I added.

He bought the painting, still wet off the easel....unsigned. "But what about that abstract?" he added pointing his finger at a larger construction, framed on the long did that take?", he asked. "That painting took 3 weeks and 30 years I explained". I did remember the time, and energy of that particular piece was very rigorously painted in many layers...and expensive colors.

The painters work is never quite understood. Artists work is never explained.

Of the ten- thousands of paintings I have done, the most real, have been not the little charming still-lifes or the landscapes labored in a matter of love for hours...but in the abstract pieces, the thought pieces that cannot be explained in a simple letter, with simple details.

I don't do designer art, nor color patterns that I feel that are easy fits for décor. Art should be a personal thing, out of the very essence of expression of the artist, as once told to me by a student of Hans Hoffman. Art continually is a it or not, a communication, visual construction and entunement of passages of paint that send a message. This is the very same message that the impressionists were given. This was the very same message the Expressionists held. True art should be of the times...

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