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Comment by Richard Ozanne MFA on April 6, 2014 at 10:20pm

"The Conspiracy" Oil, and Asphalt/White Lead on Durable Mahogany Panel, 1992 c. Richard Ozanne (Low Resolution for Internet) was originally called "Of the Presidents Men" in an exhibit at Arizona State University, where it enjoyed at least 4-5 exhibits in the Phoenix Valley. In 1994, the painting and two other 'portraits' from the era (many perhaps 20-30 were executed-only a handful saw exhibits, perhaps that the white lead was too assaulting on the eye, producing an-eerie-feeling to viewers)  were sent to New York City for Exhibition at several exhibits and was displayed at Abney Galleries in a group show. The work later traveled to Czech Republic and Europe having made a trip to Switzerland and Austria--This piece was on brochures for a pending solo exhibit in New York City with a NY agent on 49th Street NYC and included as a cover piece for a pending show at ONE World Trade Center. The piece was sold to a private collector.


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