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Our shows at Nina Torres Fine Art, Miami & Gora Gallery, Montreal

December 6, 2010

Dear Artist, Friend,

Our show at Nina Torres Fine Art – December 1 – 20, 2010
I have just returned from Miami yesterday and I am anxious to share some of my experience and personal views with you. For me personally meeting so many artists in person, (some for the first time), was a great experience. There were so many artists that made the effort to travel from their own countries to Miami to attend our show. I was very happy with our exhibit, the diverse art and artists that attended our show. I have no words to express my gratitude to Nina Torres for all the arrangements she made to ensure the success of our show. Special thanks also go to Alicia Torres for her efforts and dedication to our show. I could have not expected more from this show. I would also like to add that the quality of our art stood the test of critics and visiting public. The word is out in the art world about a group of Biennale artists and I have no doubt that our shows and dialogue through our Ning will open many doors for us. Attached with this e mail please find a group picture of artists that attended the show in person. Many additional photos will appear on our own Ning. I am please to let you know that I hired a professional photographer to take photos during the opening reception. A CD with all the photos will be mailed to you with your painting/sculpture. In conclusion I would like to add that my first visit to Miami, Art Basel and to so many other shows was indeed very overwhelming for me. It was so great!

Our show at the Gora Gallery in Montreal – June 14 – July 2, 2011

There have been a few artists that told me that they did not receive any information about our show at the Gora Gallery in Montreal next June. I therefore attached the Gora Gallery’s proposal and application to this e mail. The cost of this show is only $275.00 for the first painting. Artists that visited Gora Gallery reported to me that they were impressed with the size and beauty of the gallery. Mr. Gora himself took the time to meet with our visiting artists. Montreal is a gorgeous city with so many festivities during the summer. I therefore recommend that you will consider spending a week vacation in Montreal during our show.

Possible show in Milwaukee:

I still have not given up on having a Biennale Artists Show in my own city, Milwaukee. Information will be sent to you when it becomes available. I would love to host you in my city and show you the beauty of its parks, lake and so many sites of interest.

Thank you so much for your friendship and participation in our shows. I look forward to remain in touch.

Sincerely Yours,
Elisha Ben Yitzhak, Artist


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