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Dear Elisha,

THANKS for your letter ,congratulettttttt for your intiative -united states biennale artist this very,very good  idea.This posibility in USA... art,exhibit an buisnes.

My sculpture in Thailad ,3 metr. hight,but phantastic material-wax and beutiful color & smail(fragrance).I met there fantastic artist & met many friends From Thailand .I discovered furter signs of archetypical art in Thai museums.I made sculpture with my small wax oranges.My objects(fruit )-typical for my spaceart -( eco art ?) hanging on different highs and creating new space,archetypical space.

so sorry for my english

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Dear Janusz,

Thank you for the kind words. Your English is goo, don't worry about it. Continue to creat your beautiful sculptures. I love your art.

Best Regards, Elisha.


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