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3. international izmir art biennial invitation 2015

Dear Artist, 2 bienal 1 bienal




Gallery Seba is pleased to announce the3. International Izmir Art Biennial, which will bring artists around the world and their works together on 2015 in , Izmir, Turkey.


          We will be honored to see you as a part of International Izmir Art Biennial, in which we aim to leverage the power of art to bring different cultures together and provide people with contrasting values a common ground for sharing.


          For artists who want to take place in 3. International Izmır Art Biennial with their works of visual arts, necessary documents for pre application are listed below. Pre applications must be submitted both digitally and printed. Deadline for pre application is Aprıl 30th, 2014. Printed documents must have arrived to the addresses given below until this date. Following the end of the pre application period, the artists selected by the biennial committee will be provided with the terms of contract, detailed information on participation fees , shipping and other issues. The results of the selection will also be announced on our website.


General Director



Documents for Pre Application


Postal Mail

A photograph   of the artist.

4 passport   photos of the artist (4,5x6 cm)

3 images of   artist's original artwork. Images must be no smaller than 1600 pixels wide in   the long side.

Printed   images of artist's 3 original artworks (13x18 cm).

Biography:   150 words maximum, in English and Turkish if possible.

Digital   images of artist's 3 original artworks:    minimum 300dpi resolution, print quality, burned on a CD.

Contact   information: Address, phone number, e-mail, fax.

Biography   (150 words maximum, in English and Turkish if possible).


Contact   information (Address, phone number, e-mail, fax).


Note: If you want to participate with a sponsor please include this information in your documents.


Seba Art Gallery

Addres: Mithatpasa Caddesi No: 464/A 35280 Asansor/Izmir/Turkey

Phone: +90 232 445 33 40  -  Fax: +90 232 445 33 40

E-Mail:   Web:   -   www.galleryseba.com2015 bienal izmir invitation

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I highly recommend the Izmir Biennial. I would love to see links to your show that was held this year.


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